Behavioral Logic

Behavioral Logic is my term for the mechanism that attempts to accomplish a goal by using sensor data to choose an action. But isn't that intelligence? No. Intelligence is an ambiguous and ill-defined term that means something different to everyone. I explore behavioral logic in these projects:

Foundations of Behavioral Logic

Before we attempt to create AI, we should probably be certain what the I part means.

Foundations of Behavioral Logic is the result of my work defining intelligence and related terms.

Foundations of Behavioral Logic (HTML)

PDF - Printable Booklet


Fetchbot Hardware

Being a software developer I was, and continue to be, surprised at the non-existence of ready-to-program robotics. Fetchbot is an attempt to make an inexpensive, easy to assemble, wheels and camera robot easily programmable in your favorite language.

Behavioral Logic Architecture

I am developing a high-level software specification based on behavioral logic definitions.

Fetchbot Software

This software is primarily to test and improve Behavioral Logic Architecture. It is also meant to be a generic starting point for other robotics projects.

Programming Tools

A collection of robotics programming tools are also being developed, including a GUI for visualizations, manual and virtual operation, and adjusting behaviors and parameters on the fly.


What a Frog's Eye Tells a Frog's Brain (1959) is the seminal paper on visual processing in the vertebrate retina. Frogeye is an ongoing project to implement the key visual processors described in this paper using a Raspberry Pi camera.

Logical System of Emotional Desire

My entry A Logical System of Emotional Desire for FQXI's essay content Wandering Towards a Goal - How can mindless mathematical laws give rise to aims and intention?

I also wrote some (still partially incomplete) interactive examples to illustrate the algorithms and data structures in the paper. Meet Bitey.